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Hong Kong Startup Esports Tournament

5 Aug, 2021
Tencent Westart, KOHO

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Startup Mario Kart Tournament
x Mental Health Awareness Fundraiser

Co-organized by WNJ VenturesCyberport and LeaguePass, The Hong Kong Startup Esports Tournament is one of the key initiatives under Project Level Up HK, a Mental Health Awareness Campaign to promote Mental Health in our community.


Join us for a fun, interactive and meaningful night which combines startup networking x gaming x social impact!

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Mario Kart Startup Tournament Zone

Startups in teams of 2-8 (max. 8 teams) compete in a Mario Kart tournament, prize money to be donated to our partner charities.



AR / Racing Simulation Zone

Race against your newly formed startup friends in the Mario Kart Home Circuit or Racing Simulator developed by Hong Kong’s very own Godzpeed!



Mental Health Partner Booths

We have partnered with a number of wellness brands including Relaz, Vibes Organics, Health Concept (more coming up!) with mental health related products where you can relax, unwind, and experience first-hand the newest wellness-tech products in the market!



Networking zone

Food go hand-in-hand. Enjoy some yummy, healthy food from NOSH and Acai bowls from Supabowl!
Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will  be provided from our beverage partner Milestone Beverages, with a dedicated bartender to shake up a few concoctions(did anyone say Sangria too??)

Mental Health Fundraiser

We have partnered with two carefully-selected and well-established Mental Health Charities in Hong Kong - Mind HK and Joyful Mental Health Foundation.

All donations raised in the evening will go to either of these charities.

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